Protech's loyalty program offers a unique and exciting opportunity for YOU to not only contribute to sustainability efforts but also earn yourself a high-quality Bosch grinder. By collecting used cutting discs, YOU actively engage in environmental responsibility while enjoying the benefits of being our loyal customer. This interactive and exclusive loyalty program sets our brand apart from the competition, demonstrating the brand's commitment to you and the planet.
The process is straightforward: you are required to collect 150 used cutting discs and deliver them to the shop from where you have bought them. By doing so, you not only contribute to a more sustainable future but also earn yourself a remarkable reward—an exclusive Bosch grinder!
To participate in the Protech loyalty program, you need to follow a few simple steps:

1. Begin collecting: Start gathering same used cutting discs specially marked from personal projects, job sites, or friends and colleagues who may have discarded discs.

2. Reach the threshold: Accumulate a minimum of same 150 used cutting discs, whether they are 115, 125 or 230 dimension. Ensure that the discs are recognizable and have not been excessively damaged.

3. Delivery: Once you have collected the required number of cutting discs, package them securely and bring them to the shop from where you have bought them. Make sure to include your contact details for smooth communication and verification purposes.

4. Reward redemption: Upon successful verification of the delivered cutting discs, we will provide you with a Bosch grinder as a reward for your participation in the loyalty program. The specific model and features of the grinder will depend on availability and the terms outlined by us.

So, if you have a collection of used cutting discs gathering dust, why not turn them into a fantastic reward? Join the Protech loyalty program today, and experience the satisfaction of recycling while reaping the benefits of owning a Bosch grinder!